Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Half and Half

I attempted the Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday.
Technically I finished and I got the cool medal... but, I wouldn't go as far as saying I ran it.
I always have these delusions of grandeur in regards to races. I definitely did not train as much as I should have but I was like, "I'm just gonna push my body to the limit and run across the finish line crying followed by a huge dramatic collapse onto the ground as they ceremoniously put a medal around my neck."
Hmm, yeah, my body ran out of gas around mile 6 but I kept pushing for another mile and a half. And then I quit.
The night before I bought power bars and energy beans and shot blocks... and for some unknown reason I decide to only keep a packet of the jelly beans in my pocket. I ate those within the first 4 miles (they're really good) and so I was out of energy supplements for the race. I was so hungry and drained by mile 8 that I was seriously checking out the wrappers on the ground to see if anyone left some goo or cliff bars or anything behind. It was sad. I couldn't bring myself to pick them up though. Which was good. So I just dragged my feet for the remaining 5+ miles.
When I hit the last mile I was like, "Okay, I'm just gonna force my body to run..." and instantly my right calf seized up and started cramping. Awesome.
So, for the first race ever, I walked across the finish line. =(
I'm glad I finished though.

It's been maybe 2 months since I last went to Monday Night Knitting Group. 2 months!
I finally went on Monday and I was totally uninspired. For about 2 and a half hours I slowly browsed the yarn and patterns and figured I wanted to try to knit a tie but was too lazy to ball up the hank of yarn. So, I went home.
I tried to knit the tie last night and could not get past the first 8 rows. I kept messing up. I need to bring back that love and passion that I used to have.

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